The audience you seek approval from seek their own audiences for approval Even when you are whole, a few things and people will dare to break you

Comfort in insignificance is when you create without an audience

Knowing that you’ve seen your greatness before the world can validate it

Understanding that you are excellent, and exceptional, without demanding to be accepted

Choosing to be a perfect mess to yourself than unhappy perfection to the world

Comfort in insignificance feels like you’re moving and living in a crowd without needing it

Sometimes you will feel like giving into different definitions for recognition

You will feel like you have done, produced, expressed or intended nothing because you did not trend

But you need to ask yourself:

Was it ever about trending or creating? Was it ever about acknowledgement or expressing? Was it ever about what they know or what you can do? Was it ever about them or about you?

Significance will always shift in meaning depending on the context applied

And the irony is in how people define significance yet still impose these tenuous self-defined meanings onto you

Never let perception measure your self-worth

And do not let the fear of irrelevance stunt your bold untapped potential and talent

Move swiftly with the tide that stirs and rises within you

Until one day,

The world dares to keep their gaze from you